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Other editing API and improvements


If id exists in the parameter, it is inserted into the specified id and offset. 
If id does not exists in the parameter, it is inserted into the next paragraph based on the current selection.

isDirty, clearDirtyisDirty() : Determines whether the content has been edited.
clearDirty() : Clears the dirty flag. When the dirty flag is initialized, the isDirty() function determines that there is no edited content.
getSelectionYou can get the id and offset information of paragraphs, cells, and tables from selection.
updateModel, updateBodyModelApply the changed HTML DOM information to the editing model and re-render.
getAPIModels, getAPIModelById, getAPIModelsBySelectorGet the APIModel using the current selection, id and selector.
getContentsDocumentReturns the document object of the editor editing area.
getHTMLElement, getHTMLElementsReturns the HTML Element where the caret is positioned.
getTableCellHTMLElementReturns the HTML Element of the cell (TD or TH) in the table where the caret is positioned.