Reuse of original document

Without an application or plug-in, you can edit  original MS Word, Excel, and Odt files.
Create a formula that refers to values in other cells by using 300+ functions like a spreadsheet.

HTML5 rich text Editor, Synap Editor

lets you create contents at any browsers

HTML5 Editor, Synap editor supports various browsers.
Whatever you use, you can experience same functionalities and get the same quality of web content.

Competitive Features


Like in MS Office, use visual cues in Editor to help you place text and objects

Editing Bullet

Change bullet indents & color by retaining the original structure

AutoSave & Recover

Don’t be afraid of unplanned disruptions. Save your content automatically, every few seconds, as you work 

Inserting Layer

Insert a layer wherever you like!
Enrich your content easily

Emoji, Special Character

Make your content more unique
with Emojis and Special characters

Multi Skins with
Colored icon

Choose whatever you like!
Editor expresses the user’s individuality!