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The Synap Editor version 2.6.0 with improved partial edit restrictions, object editing handles, and theme settings has been released.

Please check the details below.

Major Improvements

1. Partial Editing Restrictions

  • A feature to allow or restrict editing of only part of the document has been added.
    Can be applied to work forms and used
  • Experience: Partial Editing Restrictions


2. Image, video, shape, layer editing handle UI change

  • The editing handle UI has been changed from a transparent gray border to a black solid border.



3. Add image and shape rotation handle

  • In the case of images and shapes that are not treated like text, the rotation handle has been exposed to enable rotation editing.

Turn off treat like letters

  • Click the image or shape rotation handle and rotate it with the mouse.
    • (position: absolute;)

Treat like letters

  • General inline images, figures do not display the rotation handle.
    • (position: relative;)

4. Add image, video, layer, shape, bring forward, send backward features

  • When the object is unhandled like a letter, the forward and backward features are enabled in the balloon pop-up.

Bring Forward

  • Bring forward of an object in the editor.

Bring To Front

  • Bring it one step ahead of the object.
    • (Towards the front object on a z-index basis)

Send Backward

  • Sends backward of the object in the editor.

Send To Back

  • Send one step back to the object behind.
    • (Behind the back object on a z-index basis)



5. Add Shape Balloon Popup

  • When you click the shape, balloon pop-up is displayed.
    • Default: Bring Forward, Send Backward, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Delete Shape

Shape Balloon Popup

6. Theme


7. Custom Icon

8. Color Icon Plug-in

  • Provides a color icon plug-in for the default theme.
  • More details: Color Icon


9. Adding OpenHTML API options

  • An option has been added to the openHTML API.
    • callback
    • Synchronous processing
    • Focus on the editor after opening the document
    • Overwrite processing

API 사용 예
editor.openHTML(html, {
	callback: function() {}, // Callback function to be called after completion
	bAsync: false,           // Synchronous processing (default: false)
	bFocus: true,            // Focus on editor after document opening (default: true)
	bOverwrite: true         // Overwrite processing (default: true)

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