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This is an equation editor plug-in that allows you to insert equations/chemical formulas and edit properties.

Use Module

The SynapEditor equation editor plug-in uses a commercial module called MathType.

If you wish to use it, please contact us through the page below.

How to use

Load plugin file

<!-- MathTypeYou need to add the library to use it. ( -->
<script src="url of mathtype-generic/wirisplugin-generic.js"></script>
<!-- SynapEditor Since the object can be applied only when it exists, it must be included under the editor script file. -->
<script src="url of mathType.min.js"></script>

Adding a Button to the Toolbar

Equation editing and formula editing buttons can be added to the toolbar area and menu area.

Add to Toolbar

'editor.toolbar': [
	// formula/chemical formula
    'mathType.math', 'mathType.chem'
// ...

Setting up the plugin

Settting mathType

Sets the properties to be used when initializing the window.WirisPlugin.GenericIntegration object.

'mathType.config': { 
    'properties': { 
        'configurationService': '/pluginwiris_engine/app/configurationjs' 
// ...

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