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You may apply plugins provided by SynapEditor to use extended features.

How to Use Plugins

Loading Plugins

<!-- Note) Plugin files shall be created under SynapEditor file.-->

<!-- SynapEditor File-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../synapeditor.min.css">
<script src="../synapeditor.min.js"></script>

<!-- Plugin File-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../plugins/webAccessibilityChecker/webAccessibilityChecker.min.css">	
<script src="../plugins/webAccessibilityChecker/webAccessibilityChecker.min.js"></script>

Generating Plugin UI

	new SynapEditor('ID of HTML element to initialize the Editor', {
		'editor.toolbar': [
			'webAccessibilityChecker' //If you wish to expose the buttons provided by a plugin, use the name provided by the plugin for the name of UI, just as the exsiting Editor configurations.

Provided Plugins

How to Create a Custom Plugin

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