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Synap Editor version 2.4.0 with improved excel function entering and editing interface has been released.

Plugin configuration feature and spell check plugin have been added.

Major Improvements

1. Plugin Configuration Feature Has Been Added

  • Plugin configuration feature has been added in Synap Editor 2.4.0. In addition, some features including special character and personal information protection have been separated as plugins.
    Please refer to Plugin Guide for details

2. Improved Excel Function UX

  • Formula editing UI and UX used in the tables have been improved.
    • Input box to enter formula has been removed from the cell balloon popup.
    • In the formula inserting method at cell balloon popup, formula coordinate will be shown if you enter '=' into a cell and the entered formula will be automatically calculated when you press Enter or move the caret after writing the formula.
    • Expression of cells with formula has been changed.

  • Experiencing: Automatic formula calculation

3. Spell Check

4. Inline Editor

5. Replace All

  • Replace All feature has been added to Find and Replace.
  • Experiencing : Find and Replace
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