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The Synap Editor version 2.7.0 with improved DIV selection and paragraph alignment and added horizontal lines and quote extension plugins has been released.

Please check the details below.

Major Improvements

1. DIV selection improvements

  • The caret and selection have been improved to be displayed and moved to the inside of the div.
  • With the improvement of caret movement, the character deletion behavior has also been improved.
    • When deleted, the next paragraph is merged into the current paragraph.
    • Backspace combines the current paragraph with the previous paragraph.

2. Paragraph alignment improvement

  • When editing paragraph alignment, the alignment is applied to the table or div.

3. Horizontal line extension plug-in

  • An extension plugin has been added that can use various styles of horizontal lines.

5. Quote extension plug-in

  • An extension plugin has been added that allows you to use various styles of horizontal lines and quotes.

4. New API

  • An API to get the message resource set in the editor has been added.
    > View related content: static: getMessages
  • An API to add (change) message resources to the editor has been added.
    > View related content: static: addMessages

5. New setting

  • An option to set event attribute filtering of HTML tags has been added.

    editor.contentFilter.allowEventAttribute: false

    > View related content : Content Filter

  • An option has been added to set the header when requesting / uploading.

    editor.import.headers: {}
    editor.upload.image.headers: {} {}
    editor.upload.file.headers: {}
    editor.template.headers: {}

    > View related content: Setting Import API and Upload APITemplate

  • *, -, #, 1. An option to turn on/off the function that automatically inserts a list when entering a space after inputting has been added.

    editor.autoList: true

    > View related content : Automatic List Insertion

  • An option has been added to set the icon size of the button.

    editor.ui.button.icon.size: 16

    > View related content : Button Size Configuration

  • An option has been added to set the duplicate ID notification.

    editor.buildOption.html: { 
        alertDuplicateId: true 

    > View related content : Open HTML Configuration

6. Changed settings

  • The default value for the option to remove unnecessary DIVs has been changed from true to false.

    editor.buildOption.html: {
        peelOffDiv: false

    > View related content :  Open HTML Configuration

7. Others

  • Plug-in related
    • When creating a custom plugin, an option to create a button shape as a dropdown has been added.
    • Web accessibility check plug-in
      • An API that performs web accessibility checks and returns results has been added.
      • Added inspection of the title property of video/frames.
      • View related content: Web Accessibility Check
  • Event related
    • API to set api, param, fileFieldName, header to beforeUploadImage, beforeUploadVideo, beforeUploadFile, and beforeOpenDocument events has been added.
      • setApi(api)
      • setFileFieldName(fileFieldName)
      • addHeader(key, value)
      • addParameter(key, value)
  • The quote feature has been changed from a drop-down form to a button form.

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